Tuesday, August 13, 2013

5 Hour Energy Lemon Lime Energy Shot Review

Out for years now, the omnipresent 5 Hour Energy line has finally entered my radar after many years of purposed avoiding. Why review something that people are already buying millions of? Does my opinion really matter then? Certainly not, although my criticisms start way before you take the first sip; this packaging is trite and ugly, super generic with its lack of personality almost becoming its only personality.

I am not oblivious; I know very well that this brand necessitates a chaser. With a flat, half consumed container of caffeine free diet cola in one hand and this two ounce shot in the other, there is the decided lack of anything with even the biggest whiffs. You could probably go without a chaser, surprisingly, a flavor thick and unconvincingly sweet with citrus notes frustrated and nebulous. There is some tartness here, recondite without reason but without the bitterness anticipated or preached about by my sources. This is not a shot of pleasure, but at the same time not a shot of disgust. Instead, this is a shot of mediocrity.

There is a pretty solid amount of around 200 milligrams of caffeine, with taurine, B vitamins, citicoline, and others making up the energy blend here. The kick does not last the namesake five hours, but it lasted just under four, and was of far more decent strength than anticipated. To end, 5 Hour Energy Lemon Lime is considerably better than expected, aside from its appearance, which you would have to be blind not to know sucks.

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