Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hawaiian Ola Noni Energy Shot Review

The intensely clean color palate is quite something against all the tenebrous bottles on the energy shot shelves today. But what exactly does one call this? Noni Energy? Hawaiian Noni energy? How about Organic Hawaiian Ola Noni Energy? When a consumer really has to think about what the product in their palms is called, you are doing something wrong.

Though the pungent pheromones of earth pour out with an easy twist of the cap, the unappealingly brown fluid is surprisingly easy to drink. Each sip is thick with an organic personality that is such fresh air to a critic so accustomed to chemicals and artificiality. Things are a fruity cocktail, with everything from the namesake noni to mango to pineapple influencing the two and a half ounce experience. Green tea's coarse bitterness makes each sip something to ponder, a foreign tango of intricate tastes that persuades one into drinking leisurely while always confirming another. Unlike many energy shots, a chaser is entirely extraneous here, although the twelve grams of sugar may have had something to do with that.

Each bottle contains: B vitamins, yerba mate and green tea, and a caffeine content of 150 milligrams. The kick lasted three hours without a crash after. To end, Hawaiian Ola Noni Energy Shot tastes and preforms the part, but the name issues are hard to ignore or forgive.

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