Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hydrive Lemon Lime Rush Energy Drink Review

The chartreuse liquid is a bit off-putting, but the label's black background is slimming and studious. Dotted gradients are interesting to the eye, and the brand's logo is brilliantly easy to read, but its thick green belt makes the white text inside difficult to read without any stroke.

We have powdery citrus scents escaping with the twist-off cap removed, piquant and succinct; it is a shame our first sip is not as impressive. Unlike any Hydrives before it, the trademark lack of effervescence has every gulp gloating its watery blandness not unlike Gatorade, which is a real problem in an experience so goddamn boring. Lemon and lime are present of course, but the maddeningly deaf tastes pass the tongue without any realistic edge or tartness. Sucralose and sucrose sweeten things poorly, forcing us to suffer chugging roughly sixteen uncarbonated ounces of despondency.

Each bottle contains: caffeine (160 milligrams) and B vitamins, with magnesium and potassium. Any energy declines sharply after two and a half, perhaps three hours, a kick average in strength. Overall, Hydrive Lemon Lime Rush's disappointing taste drags down its otherwise decent quality.

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