Monday, March 17, 2014

energems Mint Energy Chocolate Review

The matte green is not for the better, overwhelming eyes with pastel grossness. The product's self illustration does not make your mouth water, despite that its promise of mint and chocolate is principally attractive.

Half-dollar sized gems tumble out of the cardboard. Crunching in breaths fresh mint taste to the vaguely creaming chocolate center, never quite silky with a thousand candy coating shards swimming inside. The carton is resealable but you will never require such a luxury; a run-of-the-mill sweetmeat translates to a terrific bitterless energy candy.

Three pieces has seventy five milligrams of caffeine, providing a three hour long buzz when you inevitably consume the entire pack. Each serving contains taurine and B vitamins additionally. On the whole, energems Mint runs a few miles ahead of its decent pure chocolate sibling.

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