Sunday, June 29, 2014

Wired Strawberry Lemonade Energy Drink Review

Pathetic flames bore the generic text on this stock red can. It is Wired Strawberry Lemonade but you would not give this a second look based on its looks. Its brand is admittedly an adequate name for an energy drink, but the painted aluminum is cold, corporate and implores personality.

A trepidatious crack of the can unleashes a pleasant fragrance. But first sip is a categorical disappointment, stiff imitation of strawberry with no body or verve. The lemonade half of things fares worse, with accidentally insufficient sweetness and sourness. I regret the use of the word "lemonade," as each ounce is painfully bereft of any citrus, artificial or otherwise. Vivid effervescence tries madly to give the experience some identity, but cannot campaign against its leadened fruit imitations. Here we have a beverage of diluted taste and nugatory meaning, a flavor feckless and absurd.

An hour long kick is impermissible from a can this size. Ninety four milligrams of caffeine is far from enough. Also contains: inositol, taurine, and B vitamins. Overall, Wired Strawberry Lemonade is a fustian energy drink.

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