Sunday, October 19, 2014

NOS Charged Citrus Zero Energy Drink Review

NOS Charged Citrus was a second-rate Mtn Dew clone with the word "energy" written on it, but at least you knew its flavor just by looking at it. Thanks to the soda industry, green means "citrus" when it dyes a can, so why all the yellow and white? My bleached backdrop to shoot photos blurs into the wan background and the drab logo of this sixteen ounce beverage, and the only color is never appealing against it.

When the opaque yellow elixir hit my mouth I was like "wow, this is pretty good," but the premier sip finishes with your face wearing several shades of disgust. What commences as a promising citrus punch is quickly discovered to be a relentless exercise of corporate ennui. You taste a singular taste comprised of dampened lemon and dry grapefruit instead of an intricate braid of the flavors, a reductive experience made all the worse by a musty wateriness and chloroformed sweetness. Effervescence is crude yet impuissant, damning the tongue with coarse boredom that scratches as it is forced down your throat. Palates bruised and burned by this pint of chemicals, NOS Charged Zero disappoints.

Each can contains: B vitamins, taurine, caffeine (160 milligrams), and guarana. This booms a mainstream kick of three hours and temperate strength, and is probably the highlight here. And when a mediocre buzz is the drink's greatest strength, well, the drink is just not very good.

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