Saturday, October 11, 2014

Vuka Think Zo-Cal Energy Drink Review

The look of the can remains fantastic: the resealable aluminum container looks and feels so different from anything else chilling in my chill chest. The argent ornamentation works wonderfully against the inviting purple color, although the "Zo-Cal" line is a useless variation of "zero calorie."

The silver cap cracks open with must hesitation, my tongue trembles with the memories of the unsatisfying Workout version most recently reviewed. My nose is excited however, a scent so alike a child's popsicle. The flavor? Not so bad, but remains a disappointment. Anemic effervescence does little to excite the flaccid flavor of pomegranate, who remains something of the lone fruit in every of the sixteen ounces. The lychee taints the palate indistinguishably, nothing more than a deadened braid of pear and red grape, torpid tastes drowned in the relentless monotony of each sip. Stevia sweetens and it is a shame is does, a saccharinity more bitter than sugary and brings an unpleasant earthiness to the experience that no one lusted for. Still, miles ahead of its "Berry Lemonade" brother, this is the Vuka to get if you are on a diet, preferably for a long time; by then, you should be used to blandness.

Each can contains: caffeine (160 milligrams), B vitamins, ginseng, and l-theanine. The energy from this energy drink is exactly like what you should expect- a three hour, jitter free buzz. All in all, Vuka Zo-Cal Think looks better than it is, with the closable metal cap and funky shaped can. Its taste and kick? Completely mediocre.

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