Friday, October 3, 2014

AMP Dale Dr. Sour Energy Drink Review

A least favorite of mine throughout my long tenure drinking energy drinks is Amp Tradin' Paint. A beverage from 2009, it has been holding its place on my "worst taste" section since it first met my tongue. So my enthusiasm for this bright green Nascar version? Very weak. Besides, who wants to drink a sour racecar driver? What the hell kind of flavor is that?!

There is an overall grape taste, a rough yet heavily diluted cross between red and white varieties; without the individual depth of either, each gulp is heinously awkward. Sweetness is stifled especially for fifty six grams of the stuff, and does not work for either colored variety, leaving a ton of pressure on the sour artifice. Only never is the experience sour! A little tart maybe, but what sugariness can be found cancels out any extreme acidity. Wait, wait a minute- about four ounces remain and things are picking up: the few surplus sips have a grainy sourness to them, tasting more like Sweet Tarts in a can, as if the contents had settled. Perhaps I should have given this a quick shake before opening? Naw, I should have just thrown it away.

For energy, there is an inferior buzz, lasting an unimpressive two hours for a drink of this size. Each can contains: caffeine (156 milligrams), guarana, taurine, ginseng, and B vitamins. On the whole, Amp Dale Jr. Sour is as stupid a product as it sounds. Only worse.

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