Thursday, September 25, 2014

Zest Tea Pomegranate Mojito Green Energy Tea Review

I drink coffee: nature's energy drink, bitter when black but that is the only way to drink it. So when it comes to tea, well, I think James Bond put it best when he called it "mud." Pomegranate Mojito is one of several Zest Tea varieties, arriving in a paper-wrapped metal tin of twenty serving. There is quality when held in hand, but top belt gloating its caffeine content is too large, as is the nethermost black test.

The sachet swam in boiling Adam's Ale for five minutes before I took a sip. Its packaging takes pomegranate for granted, the vermilion delicacy hardly noticed within the natatorial tempest. You can at least sense the spearmint, less of a taste and more of a sensation to gently chill the palate from the scorching water, crafting a weird affair that is cooling on a warm day yet warming on a cool day. Citrus? There is not much of any either. Bitterness is equally diluted here, a passive experience with a lot of depth, if you can taste it- then again that may have been the point. Its tepid mouthfeel and washy depth is outrageously refreshing, quenching in a fashion coffee or energy drinks often cannot.

A pyramid pouch provides 140 milligrams of caffeine, a fantastic amount that leads to a rocking buzz. Lasting two plus hours from a sole serving is impressive, and easily the highlight here. There is promise to Zest Tea, with its modern packaging, pleasant taste and kicking kick.

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