Sunday, December 14, 2014

Go Energy Gummies Review

This attempt at sophistication, or minimalism, or whatever style this is, comes off glacial and uninteresting. Silver and white fail to craft an inviting satchel, and its generic text complete its bromidic presentation. The wrapper is unimpressive even on the palm, flimsy and feels as if it would sunder if tossed in my backpack or back pocket. Energy gummies, by definition, are fun, so this packaging should be fun too.

The bleached baggie has a duet of deep purplish red parallelograms who peel out with terrific surprise, two shaped blocks of sugar considerably more dramatic than what they ship in. Their unanticipated size leads to an initial ambisinistrous mouthfeel however, but unleash your inner kid and embrace the massive mouthful. The Tyrian flesh has a brilliant texture, stiff and coarse at first chew but melting into an epicurean pool of obese nectar at the gentle warmth of your breath. What is its taste? Tartish blueberry with perhaps some grape or even blue raspberry, but it is hard to tell and that is sorta the point. You do not go tearing a bag of Haribo gummy-whatever looking for depth. But there is another reason for the inexact flavor: even the supremacy of saccharose cannot control the chemical burn of 100 milligrams of caffeine each candy contains. An impressive amount yes, but one cannot help wishing for a bigger size to offset the slight bitterness.

In addition to all that caffeine, we have six grams of sugar, some B and C vitamins, taurine, and carnitine. And remember, that is per gummy. The kick was pretty fabulous, hitting hard and fast, lasting three and a half, if not four, hours. On the whole, Go Energy Gummies' strength and predominately decent flavor almost outweigh its bitterness and unemotional packaging.

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