Monday, December 22, 2014

X-Mode Energy Shot Review

Not unlike Kymera Freakish Energy, X-Mode is a bulk energy shot in the tradition of a boxed wine. These are always interesting products to experience, and although its packaging explains its artifice succinctly, neither its name nor corrugated cardboard are exciting. Maybe "X-Mode" is the state of mind after imbibing X-Mode, but that is not a question you should be asking yourself with such a condensed caffeinated product.

The fluid has a thick smell, warm but with deep suggestions of black cherry layered over the anticipated maraschino. However its flavor is full-on candy, a super-sweet syrup with only a little bit of tartness but absolutely no bitterness. That last part should put you palate at ease, and you can sip nonchalantly without the absinthian anxiety of every early energy shot. Yet its flavor is depthless, a cursory exercise where each sip is the same as the last. That matters none with your first few gulps, but you can only plow so far through the 100 ounce carton before you yen for intricacy. The solution lies in mixing, having the transpicuous lavender liquid socialize with a variety of sodas. Two thirds a bottle goes unnoticed fused with a famous lemon-lime pop, influencing only the color of the formerly xanthous elixir, and I suppose other seltzers stir in equally anonymously. Overall, X-Mode's flavor gets a thumbs up not for its flavor, but for its absence of bitterness. With energy shots, I am afraid that is how it works.

What is my name? Caffeine King, sometimes with "the" in front, so what do I care about here? Each ounce has 150 milligrams of the aforementioned alkaloid- so forget about the taurine, B vitamins, and other stuff additionally found inside. I had two servings, crafting a nearly five hour rush of twitchy energy, a decidedly old-school buzz that crashed somewhat after. In the end, X-Mode's packaging is surprisingly plebeian, but what is inside tastes okay and is pretty damn potent. It is one of those products that progressively gets better.

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