Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Moxie Recharge Tea/Lemonade Energy Drink Review

Out of nowhere comes a new Moxie variety, a brand long thought to be abeyant. However their return is in the unfortunate form of those "rehab" drinks popularized by its more common competitors. Here the synonym is recharge and its can is the compulsory black with ample suggestions of yellow. It is not ugly, but the personality of the brand is not as edgy as the can believes it is.

A capricious departure from the "recovery" genus of beverages, 260 calories rock your tongue with all the sugar your waist does not need. Even more surprising is its carbonation, another trademark absence in the genre. Drinking as an energy drink should, each sip has terrific weight, an effervescent puddle of gooey saccharinity and tart lemony goodness. Your lips furrow with felicity from all the sour sweetness, each gulp cloying and clogging your throat but you pound away anyway at the can with a huge smile. Tea is inappropriately given top billing on the can, present in none of the sixteen ounces. Okay, maybe there is some aftertaste tinted of the black leaves, but an Arnold Palmer this is not. It is better.

B and C vitamins, taurine, inositol, caffeine, and gentian root come in each can, along with sixty two grams of sugar and the aforementioned calorie count. Energy is basic but functional, lasting two and a half hours, maybe three. With all that sugar there definitely is a bit of a crash after. With all said and done, Moxie Recharge is a breath of fresh air in the "hydration" market, though its peculiarities are likely to disunite consumers.

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