Sunday, June 26, 2016

Mtn Dew Black Label Review

Mtn Dew Black Label is a "deeper darker Dew," according to the top arch quotation on the sixteen ounce can. The only trademark green comes from the soda logo and the word "Dew" at the bottom, attempting a level of sophistication unheard of from a drink named after moonshine. Failing to incorporate the "dark berry" aspect, the can is reduced to a black background and, despite its name being "Black Label," the text and design is grey.

Real grape juice comes out to play here, rendering out a more subtle, softer flavor than the outwardly similar Dark Berry Batman catastrophe four years ago. Grape with plenty of blackberry intricacy, this is not as nuanced an experience as the can would suggest, but is far more nuanced than any Mtn Dew has the right being. McIntosh, or some other tart apple, with the sharpness of orange, round off the experience, breeding a beverage not exceptional, or exceptionally cultured, but sophisticated enough considering the bright green name on the can. Effervescence is charming, but it is the saccharinity that is among not just the brand's best, but also the company's; sure, there are fifty three grams of the sweet stuff, but sips forgo the customarily espoused syrupiness trademark of the soda, making every mouthful heavier than its family rivals with a more mature, clean finish that evanesces where others would inundate and linger.

Every can contains: Eighty three milligrams of caffeine, fifty three grams of sugar, and 210 calories, making this your typical sugared soda that should should only drink in moderation. That is, if you insist on drinking this at all.

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