Saturday, August 13, 2016

AMP Boosted Mandarin Orange Energy Drink Review

Dear the newest Venom drinks; THIS is what your cans should look like! Well, maybe not "look" like; its all-black can with white and orange text is ripped straight from the "energy drink cans 101" community college class, a chunk of text surprisingly difficult to read even with its large font. It is resealable, which gives this variety the coveted "cool can" label.

Ignore the "mandarin" blazing the front of the can, here we have arguably the most orange soda-like energy drink; it is elementary, sugary, and only slightly tart. That is a good thing, for this sixteen ounce experience is a fun one, elementary as in it is basic, and how youthful every sip is. But in the words of a certain Friend's character, could this be any more sweet? A petite twenty five grams is all that this cool can contains, of the HFCS creed, with its buddies sucralose and ace-k as backup; things rest on the cusp of being cloying, but also on what an orange soda should be. The fruit savor is hardly more complex than your Sunkist or Fanta, however, with its acidity slightly earthy, a reduced roughness that gives any intricacy to be found some extremely thin breathing room. Overall, this AMP is a pretty good one, 100% generic and about as safe as any energy drink could taste, but I guess I am a pushover for this kind of flavor.

Each can contains: 100 calories, let us face it, empty calories, taurine, ginseng, guarana, B vitamins, vitamin C, and 160 milligrams of caffeine. The buzz is less inspired than its flavor; oh do not get me wrong, both of them are wholly prosaic, but a two-hour kick is never as enjoyable as orange soda. To end, AMP Boosted Mandarin Orange does not give much of a boost, nor does it taste a whole lot like mandarin. It is part of the AMP line though, and it does taste like orange. It is a mild success.

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