Friday, June 15, 2018

Mountain Lightning Zero Energy Drink Review

Walmart's generic energy drink brand has just one variation over the original, the obligatory diet version. Its can is equally clean, though the sterile white background has zero passion- however I do like the slightly textured can. It is generic, no doubt, but there are more good ideas here than bad.

The flavor is less Red Bull and more Monster Zero Ultra, for much worse than better. All we taste is grapefruit and lemon, so artificially sweetened and steeped in too much funky vanilla flavoring. But the flavors are deadened, lifeless caricatures of tastes you have tasted in better, more careful exploits of the ripoff game. The sugaring is perhaps the biggest letdown here, your familiar trilogy of Erythritol, sucralose and ace-k. They lack energy here, no pun intended, lacking depth and heft as you pound back the ounces to get through all sixteen. Every sip is without acidity, another huge notch against things, with every aspect here tasting just so, generic.

Each can contains: taurine, ginseng, inositol, guarana, B vitamins, and 154 milligrams of caffeine. The kick is rather weak but definitely not without any merit- they at least list the caffeine amount! Overall, when you hold a can of something like Mountain Lightning Energy Zero in your hands and eyes you think you know what you are getting into with. In this case, it is worse.


Zhirow said...

I'm not sure which drink your referring to, I can tell you that they can't keep the cans on the shelf here. Maybe you should start with an example of an energy drink you like, for instance, i think redbull tastes like utter garbage-- actual garbage.... In a can. That aside, I like the article though I don't agree with you. If I'm drinking energy drinks the last thing i want is a ton of acidity

WideEyed said...

Zhirow - I agree with you. It is hard to get this drink in my hometown here in the south - people grab it off the shelf right away. I like the taste, and it is still good after sitting in the can for several hours after it’s been opened (when I don’t finish it right away).

Unknown said...

It looks as though they have discontinued it!!!! They couldn't keep it on the shelves here!! Wish I knew why we can't get it anymore!

WideEyed said...

We also have the same problem getting the drink in the central Mississippi area. We do not see the "no sugar added" version anymore. However, I have seen the regular version of the "Mountain Lightning Energy Drink" about 10 days ago.

Unknown said...

At my walmart in mid Florida there selling at in the 4 pack of both versions I like the zero $3.98 grabbed 2 cases

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