Thursday, June 7, 2018

Sheetz Iced Coffee Mocha Review

For just over two bucks, Sheetz brand Iced Coffee Mocha is not exactly a stunner- its bland brown background with giant chunks of ice gets its point across without any verve or personality.

This tastes like generic mocha iced coffee. Now does that sound like something to plop two dollars and change down on? Absolutely not. It is as creamy as skim milk, no surprise as the dairy comes in the form of "skim milk powder" and then "whole milk powder." Chocolate is the primary flavor, watered down by the fatless cow juice and stained only slightly of actual coffee taste, mocha is a true but unexciting way to describe the experience. It is far from the worst ready-to-drink coffee beverage the Caffeine King has consumed, but if that time machine of mine ever starts to work, I will go back and never pick up a can.

With no words on giving "energy," there is not even a caffeine content anywhere on the can. But this is strictly a canned coffee, with no added supplements to gunk up the java experience. Overall, Sheetz Iced Coffee Mocha costs more than something that actually tastes like coffee does.

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