Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Monster Maxx Eclipse Energy Drink Review

What could this bright purple can contain within its aluminum walls? Seemingly a reworking of the elder Nitrous line, Eclipse is a sleek, attractive can who's minimal text lets the classic Monster look shine.

What should the liquid in a lavender urn taste like? Surprisingly here, it is apple! A fairly decent depiction, to be honest, with a touch of blackberry in the background acidity, but this autumn-favorite-focused flavor feels misguided, and drinks as if you the drinker were duped. The nitrous effervescence is nominally effective though, lightening the mouthfeel of a potation with thirty eight grams of sugar, but you sip and you gulp and things just taste flat, as if the can has been open for a few hours. Not that a more coercive carbonation would make the experience any more attractive, but the extravagant artifice has such little effect here.

What would the words "maximum strength" mean without some supplements to back it up? Despite clocking in at a petite twelve ounces, this version actually has more caffeine than some larger variants, clocking in with a very cool 180 milligrams. (Take that Absolutely Zero and your paltry 135!) Overall, Maxx Eclipse misfires only occasionally, and only slightly, making this one of the more competent Monsters.

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