Saturday, January 28, 2017

Dark Dog Organic Original Energy Drink Review

Dark Dog Organic was a surprising sight on a local grocery store shelf, as the original Dog Dog was never found by my grubby little caffeinated fingers. But this mostly silver can is a disappointment, cluttered with too much text and the green coloring feeling like an obligation to the organic artifice.

Unfortunately, Dark Dog Organic is a Red Bull clone, but it is a at least a tasty one. It is sour and sweet, sugar and coconut flower sugar syrup doing a fine job keeping sips organic and saccharine without the nasty aftertaste of a certain natural sugar substitute. The flavors are vanilla and bubble gum, but there is weight to the tastes, a heft that builds depth until the gulp climaxes with a tart splash that almost makes your lips pucker with pleasure, thanks to the inclusion of lemon juice, the second ingredient. The vanilla is shockingly creamy, a texture that gives some coffee beverages a run for their money.

Each can contains: B vitamins, vitamin C, caffeine, and many extracts. Its kick is a mild one, lasting two hours; perhaps a sixteen ounce can next time? All in all, in the world of energy drinks, this may be a Dark Dog, but it is not a black sheep.

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