Friday, January 20, 2017

Bomba Mixed Berries Energy Drink Review

One of several Bomba varieties, Mixed Berries is a dimensionless blue hue with a label that has even less personality. But that does not seem to matter in a shaped glass container like this, its pull tab only adding to is charm.

The taste dismally has less character than its military-inspired transport; remaining an unenthusiastic cocktail of blueberry, blackberry and raspberry- only less interesting than that troika suggests. Tartness is a massive disappointment, understated and could use a kick in the pants. Sweetness is a strong player here, twenty eight grams of pure sugar sweetening with a level of honesty and enjoyment the the actual flavor lacks so brazenly. There is a refreshing edge of realism to every imbibe, a slight organic bite that breaths the only individualism into the limited sips offered.

Each bottle contains 120 calories, some taurine and inositol, and caffeine (seventy five milligrams, per internet sources). The kick is a weak hour and a half long one, so be sure to pick up another pick-me-up. In the end, Bomba Mixed Berries is a decidedly mixed bag.

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