Thursday, January 12, 2017

Powered On Peach Mango Energy Drink Review

This simplistic bottle comes to use from the bowels of a discount store, but its resealable cap and clean design make it a surprising find amongst all the dinged and dented cans. There is too much text, but the lines that curve on the bottom left are a pleasant distraction.

Every sip is pure peach, its rough flavor choking off any mango playfulness and consumes any smoothness the refreshing absence of effervescence provides. No gulp is tart, no acidity to balance out the raw, nearly bitter bite of the fuzzy stone fruit; the only serendipitous sensation here is the finale, where it all collapses in a water vortex as you finish each imbibe, cleansing the palate of the amaroidal aftertaste. The muted sweetness destroys drinkability, however, as the cane sugar, erythritol and Stevia sweetener system fail to counter the coarse texture of the namesake fruit.

Each bottle contains: vitamin C, B vitamins, and 100 milligrams of caffeine. The buzz is milder than anticipated but lasts slightly longer, a decent trade-off that has its market. All in all, Powered On Peach Mango looks okay and its kick has its audience. But its taste? That should be powered off.

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