Monday, October 2, 2017

Juice Monster Mango Loco Energy Drink Review

Almost a month before the day of the dead comes Juice Monster Mango Loco, a Halloween-inspired can who's name has little to do with its holiday inspiration. But although it uses the generic Monster design template, the bright colors and unorthodox graphics help create something more distinct than the brand has been in a long while.

Mango Loco certainly tastes like mango, for better or worse, but I suppose that will happen when the second ingredient is "mango juice." Though heavy on the stone fruit, the carbonated fluid that travels across your tongue is too sweet, loosing any intricacy the drupe has to offer in every distractingly saccharine sip. Initial imbibes have a pleasant enough flavor, but soon something creeps in and taints the tastebuds- oh yeah, it is the other nine juices, purees and syrups (the list goes something like: guava, white grape, apple, pineapple, lemon, peach, apricot, orange, and passionfruit). The more you drink the less you taste of the namesake mango, with the nuances of the auxiliary produce piercing the bulky mouthfeel and staining your palate of a generic fruit cocktail. Carbonation is the saviour here, a punchy yet relaxed effervescence that keeps afloat the weight of all the nectars. It is not a bad experience, but your tongue will have a hard time differentiating it from the company's Khaos and Ripper varieties.

Each can contains: B vitamins, taurine, inositol, and 152 milligrams of caffeine. This ingredient mixture is less loco than the can implies, providing only a two hour long buzz. In the end, Juice Monster Mango Loco is fun to look at, but less interesting to taste and even less functional.

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Anonymous said...

The can is not Halloween themed. It depicts typical dia de los muertos decorations. Dia de low muertos is a completely separate holiday that has nothing to do with Halloween. It is all about celebrating loved ones that have passed on. While it is a small art of your review it should at least be accurate.

LoveableLittleButtercup said...

I love this one. It reminds me of So be Adrenaline Rush. That was the only energy drink that I liked and have been on the look out for a new one. Monster Mango Loco has come pretty close and is now my only energy drink because I hate the mediciney taste of all the other energy drinks.

Anonymous said...

It literally says on the can "on the eve of October 31st each year friends and family gather to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos." So not only is the review wrong, so is the can because it's on November 2nd every year!

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