Monday, March 7, 2011

Monster Nitrous Black Ice Energy Drink Review

I was finally able to obtain Monster Nitrous Black Ice recently, and what surprises me most about its can is its staggering similarity with a previous disappointment; Absolutely Zero. They share almost the same design, though I'd actually hail Black Ice's can higher than I would Zero's. The darker blue and the extinction of purple I feel bring out the design's fullest potential, and the blue really blends well with the pronounced black. The whole nitrous carbonation thing, however, is still poorly explained on the front of the can, with the only mention of its uniqueness being the mysterious "nitrous technology" statement that just helps clutter the bottom of the can.

The flavour begins with a surprisingly sour black and blueberry meshing. The two fruits are impressively authentic to the taste, given the lack of sugar, however the sweetness does retain a certain lack of vigor that would be otherwise found with the presence of genuine saccharinity. The dyad of coloured berries are balanced evenly and are instinctively tasted as one complex flavour rather than two less dynamic ones. This give each sip depth, and adding to the elaboration is a note of raspberry that is high in distinction. The raspberry holds the deepest sense of realism of any flavour yet; each sip veritably provides convincing, though ultimately false, evidence of the fruit's juice. What can be accurately described as a note is a hint of strawberry, who's influenced categorically by the tang of a black cherry. The antecedent appears near the conclusion of the experience, but it successfully strengthens the already strong involution. But if there was one thing that disappointed me, it would have to be the wasted carbonation artifice. Unlike past varieties fizzed with nitrous, there wasn't any textured phenomenon to be felt, which is something that was rightfully anticipate. Overall, Monster Nitrous Black Ice isn't a bad tasting extension of the line, but honestly I expected better.

Black Ice shouldn't of energized me much, and while I wasn't kicked exceptionally, it was more potent than I initially imagined. Though I had only around two and a half hours of energy, it hit me fairly quickly and the strength was higher than what I would of assumed. Each can contains: caffeine, various B vitamins, ginseng, inositol, guarana, and taurine. Overall, there are some strong positives and negatives about Monster Nitrous Black Ice, but I feel the latter category of qualities will stunt the product's potential praise and notoriety.

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