Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Zumbody Orange Mango Diet and Energy Drink Review

Much like the Celsius line, Zumbody Orange Mango is intended to raise both the rate of weight loss and energy, but unlike the former drink, the latter only contains fifty five milligrams of caffeine, which is honestly what drives any sort of kick. But we'll touch upon that later, and so right now let us focus our criticisms on the bottle it comes in. While it does have a sort of premium feel because of the glass, there really is too much orange, with both the two labels and the fluid being coloured of the such. Another issue is one that was previously hinted towards, and that would be that the product doesn't really seem to know what it is, or at least this is how it appears. Calling oneself an energy drink, or at minimum insinuating towards the increasing of the such, while having such little caffeine suggests that you don't quite know what you're claiming to be or be similar to.

The drink illustrates orange in a surprisingly candied manner, with it displaying a sharp sweetness that isn't exceptional but impressively authentic considering its artificiality. The citrus is convivially acidic but is dejectedly naked from elucidating either tart or sourness, and unfortunately the nonattendance prevents the orange from exemplifying all the desired characteristics, even if they are all not to be tasted simultaneously in nature. Mango is also a perceived flavouring, and it's not to sardonically hail it as secondary, but it doesn't taste as blithely draconian as the orange. It does, however, have a coltish tang that's superficial but equally vivacious, rendering the drinker as mostly ignorant of its imperturbability. As you sip causally though, the actual flavours appears on the palate as sort of one single taste that is focused on neither of the involved, and both the fruit's idiosyncrasies are persuaded into crafting one pleasingly deep, albeit unoriginal, experience.

Ingredients other than the previously scathed caffeine content include l-carnitine and various extracts that vary in terms of bizarreness. They're likely involved for the whole fat burning aspect, and while it's unsure whether they actually do anything, it is still too hard to forgive the infirm amount of the bitter stimulant. In the end, Zumbody Orange Mango is only slightly an energy drink, which means my opinion of it matters only slightly.

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Anonymous said...

That might be the worst review I have ever read. Hats off to the use of big words though.

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