Monday, January 21, 2013

Crystal Light Peach Mango Energy Drink Mix Review

Only the second of these Crystal Light energy drink mixes to be reviewed, they are being found now everywhere and inspiring numerous store knockoffs. Despite being found in clearance, the pretty orange box complements the clean logo and excited details. The powder transport is still too circumlocutory, but the color works wonderful against an all-white center.

Mixed with bottled spring water to avoid hard aqua contamination, the beverage is a faint and foggy, almost pulpy orange. Pheremonally inviting, the taste is not nearly as sprightly, uninterestingly sweet without much tartness. The peach is absolutely the better fruit, cutting in with a realistic edge that never distracts. The mango on the other hand, appearing latter in each sip, requires more than the supplied saccharinity, tasting awkward and off. Some opaque orange blurs the border between the two namesake, unemotional without tailored attention. It goes down without much problem, however the other nine sachets will be sitting there awhile.

The energy flowed through for not longer than two hours, a slow buzz that (intentionally?) pales in comparison to most other drinks. The ingredient cocktail is 120 mg of caffeine and some B vitamins; an unremarkable finish to an overall unnoteworthy drink mix.

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