Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rocket Chocolate Coffee Mocha Review

Immature images and plebeian text make for an energy candy that is hard to take seriously. It does not appear to take itself seriously either, nor does mind just how unmemorable the tiny packaging is. Its small size is also inconvenient, because if the chocolate taste is to be any good, you are going to want a more generous portion.

The candy crunches into an explosion of sweet shrapnel, appropriately chocolaty but only adopting bitterness from the coffee. It lingers on after whether you take your time or pop the whole thing in your mouth, an unnatural and unwanted astringency. The confection is hard but melts with even success, however the candy as a whole could benefit from something stronger of a sweetness. As it is, the mocha artifice goes untasted and the coffee gimmick offers only misguided characteristics; an experience that flounders when compared to other energy chocolates.

There is only about forty or so milligrams of caffeine, which one serving alone is hardly stimulating. In the end, as the one of the few remaining varieties of Star Buzzer's Rocket Chocolate, my interest in the brand is practically dead.

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