Friday, January 25, 2013

LiveWire Citrus Mango Energy Chew Review

There is very little to say here that was not already delineated in the Cinnamon Fire review; its thin plastic packaging and ochre brown trim not being a very good look. Visionally it is not worth more than its ninety nine cent price tag, although the small squares could find success if shipped like Starburst.

A pulpy orange juice color chew is unwrapped, a thick grainy candy who's "Citrus Mango" promise is not far off. There is definitely less of the latter, the taste hardly pinpointed in this fruit salad. Orange is fast noticed with some tangerine nuances and tart complexity. Lemon is equally discernible, the yellow skinned flavor demonstrating lime-like sourness and is sweet like lemonade. Actually, the entire experience is sweet, obvious with the first ingredient being sugar, however at only two pieces it is never cloying or sickening. And fortunately the participating produce in this never-bitter dessert all taste great super-saccharine, although it does mask some of depth the harvest could display.

The two servings contain: taurine, caffeine (180 mg), ginseng, and B vitamins. There is a great buzz from such a quick ingestion, four hours long easy with noticeable jitters. All in all, LiveWire Citrus Mango Energy Chew is a delicious candy that would hold its own even without the white stimulant.

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