Thursday, January 17, 2013

LiveWire Cinnamon Fire Energy Chew Review

Though only ninety nine cents, this cinnamon flavored LiveWire energy chew does not make much of an impression visually. The store bought from sells them out of a large box, cardboard that is much more of an optical treat. I would honestly not mind dropping a bit more for a tin or better transport.

The bright red sheer to the chew is surprising, and with ninety milligrams of caffeine each, the cinnamon disguises any bitterness. Instead the candy is a sweet pleasure, somewhat grainy but melts rapidly into a gooey gum that swallows easily. The taste is not as hot as the title suggests, however the spice burns just enough not to become a niche flavor. Real sugar brings great texture and saccharinity to each piece, something that was a minor criticism in Atomic Bites Cinnabomb years ago. Although not my favorite confection flavor, LiveWire easily makes the better cinnamon chew.

Each serving contains: caffeine, taurine, ginseng, and few B vitamins. The buzz from two lasts a quick hitting four hours, littered with jitters but absent of a crash. On the whole, at least concerning the store I purchased from, LiveWire Cinnamon Fire Energy Chews are a cheap alternative to energy drinks.

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