Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kabang Cherry Energy Candy Review

There honesty is not much to write home about here, as Kabang's small black packaging is balanced but very banal. The bright red oval and distinct font are all the label offers in the form of visuals, but at least things are not cluttered.

The zaftig piece resembles a cough drop more so than a candy, however the cheery cherry flavor is full of appropriate sweetness and fruity bliss. But it only takes a few moments on the tongue before your mouth is fizzing, a wonderfully unexpected treat not unlike Zotz that brings the taste from good to great. Unfortunately you end up chewing the candy during the sensational sensation explosion, and sooner than later your mouth is empty. There is an affable aftertaste, however it is more of a teasing reminder of what you should have taken you time eating. Overall, after the wreck that was Double Kick Candy, this proves that energy candies do not have to be bitter.

Although B vitamins and ginseng are well represented, there is a blunt absence of caffeine and some of the other usual suspects; a single piece offers as much energy as a sole sip of decaf coffee would! So lamentably, Kabang Cherry emphasizes the candy over the energy.

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Anonymous said...

Obviously you are not the king but more like a JOKER! Kabang may taste good but has NO ENERGY. I took 4 and in 20min was sound asleep! When I woke up from my nap I took the time to read and found that there was no caffeine, hence the sound nap. You may want to find another hobby as I am sure no one is paying you for your less than insightful reviews!


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