Tuesday, January 15, 2013

XS Citrus Blast Energy Drink Review

Wait, didn't we just see this can? Yeah, Orange "Naranja" Blast looked nearly identical, and it suffers from the same problems. However this can is questionably eight ounces, but when free samples are sent my way, such a small size does not feel like so much of a rip off.

After a recent aforementioned disappointment, the line seems to be back on track with Citrus Blast, a leveled flavor with orange the most prominent. It is as realistically sweet as artificial sugars allow, and is mildly refreshing. Lemon is next tasted, vaguely sour and decently faithful to the fruit. Lime is the final to note, adding its own dry acidic bite to each sip's finish. There is a slight aftertaste thanks to the synthetic saccharinity, but at only eight ounces it is not much of an issue.

Each can contains only: caffeine(eighty three milligrams), ginseng, taurine, among other herbs. The buzz was an hour plus, rather weak in duration and equally in strength. Overall, XS Citrus Blast certainly has its problems, but only its dumbly diminutive size comes close to being a deal breaker.

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