Friday, April 5, 2013

Dr. Fresh Peppermint Energy Strips Review

Acquired at a local dollar store (it was "Dollar Bush" or something) in the checkout lane, this unassuming package needed to be pointed out before I even noticed. Guys riding bikes and Google Image-found clip art makes this something incredibly boring to view, complete with generic red swooshes and text written in monotonous fonts.

Little red sheets are like rice paper to the touch, stiff to bending but fragile. It is peppery and minty but also very saccharine, but more like the artificiality of toothpaste than candy. It burns with unpleasant passion and for long well after the thin strip has dissolved; overwhelmingly refreshing and uncomfortably so. It has an oily texture and resembles fluoride wax that my dentist insists on using each visit. For seventy five milligrams of caffeine requires three pieces, however down are only two, and I really do not want to suffer through another. On the whole, these all-too peppermint energy strips from Dr. Fresh are destined just sit at my desk, never to be experience again. My desk is pretty covered; I call it the graveyard.

I mustered up the strength to eat another, the last in a three piece serving of caffeine (aforementioned amount), and... well nothing else. The kick was below substandard, lasting an hour if generous (i.e. Dr. Fresh did my dentistry for free). How do I feel about the product overall? Well, let us just say that I am not receiving free dentistry.

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