Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mentos Up2U Energy Strike Gum Review

This busy packaging presents an interesting challenge, as it contains an energy gum in addition to a regular flavor (prosaically named "Chillax Mint"). Considering I am not a gum or candy critic, only the green and yellow layered energy flavor will be granted my precious time. But back to the box, it is sleek with its plastic condom off, but the dual-flavor gimmick is well, a gimmick.

Significantly thinner than the packaging suggests, the chew chews like any gum should, with a noticeable initial softness. Sweet with citrus highlights describe no fruit specifically, not particularly deep or complex. Things are playfully tart but unfortunately a bit under-seasoned; the flavor is chronically weak and loses its flavor progressively and rapidly. No issue, I spit out my first and proceed with my second. I notice now some lemonade thoughts with the first couple jaw grinds, only to quickly become an tedious piece of rubber in only a few gnaws. A third is experienced, bringing no more depth to the flavor party, but nor does it introduce any stimulant or artificial sweetener bitterness. Overall, even as an energy gum, I am unmotivated to continue on with the pack.

There is caffeine but unknown to us is the amount, insignificant if I were to make an educated guess. The lack of a kick backs my hypothesis, lasting notably less than an hour. Overall, Mentos Up2U Energy Strike Gum's innocuousness is its greatest downfall.

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