Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rip It Tribute Energy Shot Review

Although available in your standard sixteen ounce can, the Tribute variety comes regardless in a camouflage canister, but only as a shot does the well-reading text thicken and look messy. At least the camo is the usual Army grade green clutter, rather than resemble your common energy shot shelf (... it is a bad joke, trust me that it makes sense).

I am never sure to chill or shake shots; I surmise so, considering they are the lollipop-guild of non-carbonated energy drinks. Flavor-wise, the aforementioned full sized variety is probably a whole heck of a lot better. The mandarin is preset but is missing full or robust mouth presence, unwisely undersweetened with a tauntingly torpid sourness that taunts at every sip. It does at least actually taste like mandarin, different enough from ordinary orange or typical tangerine tastes. Then there is some lime, not nearly as 'live' or 'wild' as promised, instead more dead and tame. It is a bit more tart than the former but who's taste is tons weaker, and drinks less like its own flavor and more like the nuanced acidity of the mandarin. Only worse than it sounds.

Supplement facts looks something like: taurine, glutamine, glucuronolactone, a slew of B vitamins, and 135 milligrams of caffeine. There is a decent little kick here, lasting two hours with jitters noticeable. In the end, it is not that Tribute is terrible, but for the same price as its whole sixteen ounce family, you might as well enjoy your purchase.

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