Saturday, June 8, 2013

Cracker Jack'D Power Bites Vanilla Mocha Review

After many weeks of searching, Cracker Jack'D Power Bites Vanilla Mocha was finally found, at a local Wal Mart near the self-checkout. Its black packaging is an arrant contrast to the caramel popcorn we all know and love, forfeiting their trademark altogether for a what is essentially bits of the Kit Kat bar, albeit caffeinated.

A tear of the bag reveals a decent selection of poorly shaped confections, rough and dirty with battle wounds from a bag obviously with little cushion. The coating is waxy and explains why the packaging never said "real chocolate;" this is compound chocolate at its worst. It melts almost at the heat of your breath, an unpleasant texture and tastes only vaguely of something never to skimp out on. Inside are wafers, mushy cookies sodden in all the palm kernel fats of its mockolate covering. There is at least real vanilla here, however its nuance and subtly are disabled by the stratospheric sweetness and the burnt taste of two tablespoon's worth of roasted coffee grounds. If this sounds like a good time, then wait a day or two, I am sure it will be in clearance by then.

*"Contains 2 Tbsp. of ground coffee per package, the amount used to brew a typical 8 oz. cup of coffee"
There, that is the entire ingredient cocktail here to give ya energy. Oh sure, there is 44% of your daily allowance of saturated fat, 290 calories and twenty grams of sugar, but "food" energy is not what we are usually looking for here. To end, this is where I frequently state my opinion on the product reviewed, but this time, the former paragraphs speak loudly for themselves. Do you hear 'em? They are practically screaming!

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