Friday, November 28, 2014

Liquid Ice Red Energy Drink Review

A palate swap different from the brand's Blue version, Liquid Ice Red suffers all the same pitfalls. Sixteen ounce cans exist, so why am I holding an eight ounce one? The design remains nothing spectacular, a bit generic but clean and appealing, though lacking anything to have it stand out amongst its competitors.

You open the can, meet it to your lips, and start imbibing. Sweetness explodes as it splashes your tongue, a saccharinity strong but never syrupy or overwhelming. Some tartness tickling your throat as you sip, you nearly pucker but do so with a smile. There is the familiar cherry and cranberry flavors to this bubbly cooler, a spartan braiding without individualism. Its complexity is unsubstantial, but none of that really matters here. It is a guileless drink interested more in quenching your thirst than making you think. We have tasted hundreds of drinks like this, but there is a reason we keep drinking them. True, this Liquid Ice is more verdant than some, less interesting and not as refreshing. Does any of that matter? No, not really.

Each can contains: B vitamins, taurine, inositol, and eighty milligrams of caffeine. There is also 120 calories and twenty eight grams of sugar. The kick is just what you would expect, lasting no more than two hours. Its can reads "High Performance," but the the dial only ever reached the half-way point. In the end, Liquid Ice Red lacks an overall personality.

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