Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Zest Tea Apple Cinnamon Black Energy Tea Review

I take it this variety of Zest Tea is something of a sample, considering the wild discrepancy between the Pomegranate Mojito version's transport. They cram a ton of text in too small a real estate, but then again why not? This is probably not the packaging you are gonna pick up off of a shelf, so let me stop talking here.

After seething for a few in bubbling tap water, the once crystal rain in my Lego brand mug is stained a familiar brown of any orange pekoe tea. Right off the bat one can taste the cinnamon; a slight spice freshened with the delicacies of the weaker autumn harvest. There is something sweet with each sip, an experience notably absent of any bitterness. Your palate is cleansed and refreshed by the cascade of aquatic intricacy, a balanced play so insouciant you cannot help but take another sip.

155 milligrams of caffeine is all you get, and it is all you ever need. For energy, your kick should last up to three hours, and from a sole six ounce serving, that is pretty spectacular. In the end, Zest Tea Apple Cinnamon Black is miles ahead of the already pleasant Pomegranate Mojito portrayal.

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