Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Spider Rise Again! Energy Drink Review

Spider Rise Again! is the compulsatory "recovery" variety of the brand, a variety now found in most big and small brands alike. Its bright yellow can gets the point across and is fairly sharp, however there is too much text and too many fonts layered on the aluminum. Its name also does not make the most sense; there has not been a flavor called "Rise" or "fall," so how can this be "Rise Again?"

With all the writing on the can the word "strawberry" never caught my eyes, and they opened with surprise at the initial pink color of the liquid. First sip demonstrates the five percentage of lemon juice with a slight edge of an organic tartness. Otherwise that edge is dull, chipped and rusted, two grams of sugar uselessly attempting to thrill the flat flavor. The lemon in this lemonade remains exclusive to that paltry juice percentage, an experience that is in need of a lemon "ade" to help you finish the entire fifteen something ounces. Any strawberry taste loiters around the subfusc sourness, a fruit hardly noticeable yet screams for a more acidity, saccharinity and purpose. The Spider brand is littered with derivative but delectable flavors, but Rise Again is more than just creatively bankrupt, it is not deserving of the exclamation mark in its name.

The beverage's sole saving grace here is the nearly four hour long buzz, thanks to a gnarly cocktail of: caffeine (240 milligrams), taurine, B vitamins, l-carnitine, ginseng, green tea, and guarana. It is a great, smooth boost without any crash after. In the end, I did not like this Spider. Rise Again? This is the beverage that would have fallen the brand.

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