Thursday, November 20, 2008

Coke Goes the Extra Mile...

Now, for the first time, I got a recommendation for a drink. They recommended Full Throttle Blue Devil, so, in honor of him, I'm reviewing Full Throttle Fury... Full Throttle Fury recently got a make over from the original design, which I have to say, despite it being more misleading, a better looking can. I've had Fury before, but, it was a long time. Before they changed the ingredients. And I remember liking Fury, but, is my memory incorrect?

FIRST IMPRESSION: No, no, absolutely no... How did Coke think this was a good can design? Why didn't they stick with Burn or Relentless's can design? Its too simple. In an earlier review, I praised Ole' for its simple, yet elegant can, but Full Throttle's is simple, but they try to be bad ass, unlike Ole'. It looks like Coke was marketing this drink to bikers, judging by the can and name. But the name... eh, not to great , but not the worse...2/5

TASTE: Despite the "orange flavour" banner, you'd think that it would taste like oranges. I'd have to say its more of a papaya taste, with a minimal peach after taste. It really doesn't taste like oranges at all. There's a very mild hint of a light orange flavour subtly in the back. Its a light taste and goes down really easy, like the original did. I'm kinda surprised on the flavour, but in a good way. Its much more complex than the regular Fanta Orange flavour. Coke should get rid of the "orange" and use "Paporange", or "Paporaneach"... Other than the misleading name, its a surprisingly good flavor...3.9/5

KICK: The kick I'd say is right on par with the original Full Throttle. Its not the strongest kick out there, but a pretty decent one. Its not like I wasn't expecting a major kick, judging by the original Full Throttle's kick anyway. I really hate how they don't how much caffeine, guarana, taurine, carnitine, ginseng, and sucrose it has. They just list it as "a 3000mg Blend of Energy". It's like they know they try to piss guru's like me off. They do however say what percent vitamin B6(200%),B12(200%) and Niacin(100%) is in it(based on a 2000 calorie diet). They go through all the work of saying the "3000mg Energy Blend" when saying the amounts individually would of taken just as long. I also hate how companies(cough Coke cough) will say how powerful their drink is, when they'll obviously lacking on ingredients...3/5

FINAL WORDE: Personally, I feel that Full Throttle wasn't just some get rich quick entry into the seemingly endless list of energy drinks. They really spent some time making a good, unique flavour, instead of using the ever-so-popular Red Bull Fall flavour. My biggest complaints would be the lack of mg of ingredients, bad can design, and generic name. Overall, I think with some work, Full Throttle could seem so much more appealing...3/5

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